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The zero waste revolution has been changing the phase and shape of the earth one day at a time. People are forging changes to ensure that they produce less waste until the target zero waste is reached in momentum. It’s all about taking it one step and stride at a time – a slow but steady pace to achieving success in the zero waste movement. The concept of zero waste is very simple – to produce less garbage until there is none. The philosophy behind the system of zero waste is borne out of the reality of the world today wherein trash does not just kill the environment everyday with waste landfills releasing enormous amounts of methane that aggravate global warming conditions but it is also a cause of economic sabotage and social decay. It is true indeed that the zero waste movement has reaped new lives for old stuff. It is important to do recycling and composting whenever necessary to take control of trash and not the other way around.

The zero waste mantra should start right from home with your own family that could eventually spread like wildfire to neighbors, schools, community, and the entire nation. There is a misconception about trash that it’s the government’s problem and that the state has the power and responsibility to take care of trash management. In reality, trash is every individual and family’s concern. Each time you consume a can of your favorite soda or eat out with your friends – you create trash. Every consumption or purchase you do is your own responsibility to take – trash and all. Converting waste to something of use is a challenging feat. The concept may be brilliant and easy however the execution part could be far tricky and complicated than it seems.

The concept of zero waste has certainly gone a long way and has now entered the mainstream audience. There are now cafes that use plant-based plastic utensils that easily dissolve when heated for a few minutes. This movement on leaving less waste has also propelled families, communities, and even businesses towards getting major changes done like discarding the usage of polysterene foam packagings or containers which are hazardous to the environment and non-biodegradable. Americans still lead the production of trash in the world with recent statistics by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) showing that an average of 4.6 pounds of trash is dumped by a person everyday. Strict policy on trash disposal and management is enforced in the country which mandates proper segregation and recycling of trash materials like common items in the house like paper, batteries, glass, household appliances, tires, bottles, and the like. These waste and disposal facilities have been a community of environmentally concerned individuals who are proactive about enacting changes in the society by recycling trash and aiming for zero waste. People would drop off properly sorted garbage and also some items that other people could use like old books or toys for sharing with other members.
The attitude and perspective of municipalities are evolving. Major cities like Seattle and San Francisco are leading the pack towards getting to the zero-waste platform. There are some cities though that are uncooperative and don’t find it necessary to invest in machineries for processing waste materials. Zero-waste zones are growing bigger each day – changing and creating new lives as nothing should ever come to waste.

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Easy Steps to Achieve a Zero Waste Lifestyle

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A zero waste lifestyle sounds very ideal – perfect even. Could it ever exist or made possible in a real world wherein trash is one of the major burdens even in elite 1st world countries? It can happen. In fact, a growing number of environmentalists are now living a so-called “zero waste lifestyle”. It’s a sad fact that in the United States alone, an average American produces approximately 3 pounds of garbage sent to landfills on a daily basis. How could a bad habit such as throwing away too much trash or even making use of enormous amounts of plastic or styropore be changed into a more productive and environmentally-safe lifestyle? This sounds like a tough challenge to people who don’t even know how to identify garbage types or even recycle and reuse materials without throwing things immediately in the trash. People create massive amounts of trash on daily grind without even realizing the hazards it poses to the environment and to overall health.

Here are easy steps to breeze into a zero waste lifestyle in no time:

1. Awareness is the key. First off, you have to educate yourself about what is happening with trash that people carelessly toss out on garbage bins. You have to be aware of the trash scare scenario happening in the world. There’s too much trash even shipped to third-world countries and there are no concrete systems that will help dispose or even recycle waste products into something that could be of good value. Be obsessed with environmental facts or news on waste disposal systems. Get your geek on for news that matters.

2. Choose what you buy. Many people find plastic bags more practical than using eco-friendly paper bags because these can be used multiple times as compared to paper bags that can be used once or twice because it can be easily torn into pieces. The packaging of items you buy when you grocery shopping is important if you want to go green. You should always check if the items or packaging you purchase is recyclable.

3. Baby steps matter. Start small. You don’t have to be trash-free immediately. You can start with simple and doable steps like being organized and clutter-free which is actually a good training ground for living a zero waste lifestyle. Start with a small space like your room or home office and get it as waste-free and seamless as possible. Work your way up to extending coverage to the entire house and the neighborhood. You can start with producing less trash like usual until you achieve zero waste.

4. Get creative and share. You can create usable items from trash if you just get your creative juices flowing. Learn and share ideas with colleagues,neighbors, family, and friends on how to recycle trash which can be converted into a fund-raising project for the neighborhood which does not only help save the environment but also boost community fund. You can also create jobs if this turns into livelihood project.

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The zero waste lifestyle movement is forming ripples of change not just for one country but for the whole world. Mother earth has been crying long enough for someone to heed its call and do major changes on how people go about daily life. It’s all about having the will power to create and foster change for the betterment of lives around the world.

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Zero Waste Lifestyle in the Kitchen

It is time for your to say goodbye to Disposables !! — and this means NOW! Our kitchen is filled with disposable items – believe me it won’t be a very good part of your zero waste lifestyle in the kitchen, it is a fact that these are responsible for overwhelming waste. Watch this and Choose these options instead:


Zero Waste – Why You Should Focus on it

The general  goal and primary target of zero waste would be to help householders lessen the amount of rubbish deliver to landfill. We show each day HOW we are reducing our landfill waste by featuring the stumbling blocks and discussing our blunders and achievements!


Acorn Partners Offer Funding Assistance

Acorn Partners Offer Funding Assistance


First off, what is green investment funds or green investment, it truly is essentially certain investment channels, it can be as stocks, ETFs and mutual funds, wherein green investment are business organizations effort and focus on eco friendly projects, products, and services enhancing the protection for our environment, in most straightforward term it’s  eco friendly venture investment partners. Now, you will find there’s huge selection of green investment, including developing alternative fuels (e.g.: biofuels), zero waste, green cars, renewable energy, recyclable items, reusable items, green buildings, reforestation, etc. To put it simply, green funds investors are the ones that invest mainly in companies working for the planet or industries amending the latest environmental situation.



Zero Waste Lifestyle Message from Acorn Partners

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Zero waste lifestyle  simply means living without creating trash. You can start at home with your Green Garbage Project, it can become a fun journey for the whole family where everyone can be committed and vowed to produce as little trash as possible (if possible, zero waste). This is certainly a big challenge, considering that the average person produce and create more than three pounds of trash to the dump each day. Many individuals in fact  implemented  and put into practice the Zero Waste lifestyle on a daily basis.

People don’t believe that it is in fact possible. Once you have a few systems in place, you can go from there. The drive and motivation to continue could be hard in the beginning, but once you already adopted and adjusted to the system you created, everything will fall into places

Don’t give our zero waste lifestyle a second thought, let it breathe and prosper. You too can do it..

Simple zero waste lifestyle tips to get started with

I actually do my share in zero waste lifestyle by bringing my very own totes for any purchase that I will do.

Left over food waste don’t require to be included to the rubbish bin, they could easily be composted inside your own home. Compost organic and natural materials helps prevent them by likely be ended up on the landfill, and making use of it in your backyard reduces the necessity for water supply, plant foods and inorganic sprays.

Try to visit your local farmer’s market to get fresh foods and items. It’s a very good step in your zero waste lifestyle adventure – you both help independent firms, and lessen your ecological influence by buying foods which are in season and cultivated in the area.

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Get your home dazzling thoroughly clean without having making use of commercially made home cleaning items which have been full of chemical substances and are available in large product packaging.


Here’s a very good guide on how to make useful things out of reusable items, recyclable items and recycling

Go through your clothing collection to find out what you still use and wear, which one can be donated and also what may be transformed into reusable cleaning towels or cloths. In case you are still in need of a few completely new threads, search local second-hand clothing stores to determine what you could find, for all you know, it can be an adventure you can enjoy.


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